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Oct, 2008

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Waiting for a bus? Stuck in line? No matter where you are, now you can hit the slopes! Just fire up Crazy Snowboard, tilt your device left and right to steer and you're there! Ready for some massive airs? Just touch the screen (anywhere) hold down and you'll crouch ready to spring. Release your touch on top of a ramp and you'll get a huge boost. Then link your tricks together to increase your multiplier and score big. How about some grinding? We've got rails, boxes, logs, candycanes (yes, candycanes!) all ready for your grinding pleasure. See how many you can link together to ramp up your bonus multiplier and boost your score.


Crazy Snowboard was our first Unity3D game, and our first 3D game for mobile devices. Since it launched in 2008 it has been downloaded by more than 15 million players on iOS and Android. The game has evolved over the years and has had more than 20 free updates.


  • 3D OpenGL graphics
  • Tilt to steer
  • Trick system
  • 30 levels to unlock
  • 13 riders to unlock
  • 13 boards to unlock
  • 16 touch-activated in-air tricks to unlock
  • 4 endless free-ride tracks
  • Bluetooth game controller support
  • WiFi remote option
  • Global leaderboards and achievements


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (19MB)
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First Unity3D Game in iTunes
Crazy Snowboard was the first Unity3D game to be published on a mobile platform. .

About Ezone.com

Ezone is a two-man Independent game studio based in Perth, Australia. We've been making games at Ezone.com full-time since 1995 and have published more than 200 of them and had over 30 million apps downloaded on iOS and Android. You may have even played our Lenny Loosejocks games when you were a kid!

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Crazy Snowboard Credits

Jamie Edis
Art, Music, Sound, Design, Ezone.com

Simon Edis
Coding, Design, Ezone.com

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