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17 Oct, 2014

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Unique two-button platformer that starts dead simple, but gets devilishly hard! Upgrade your abilities, unlock new candies, enemies, streets and hats as you go trick or treating. Can you reach Level 20 and beat your friends on the leaderboards? Halloweeen! takes place on Halloween Night, With monsters and ghouls that will give you a Fright! Our hero is a ghost by the name of Boo-Boo, Who wants to collect a candy or two! He gets around with a hop and a jump, He can float, and fall, and land with a bump! If he reaches the mansion at the end of the street, He’ll stop, ring the bell ,and yell “Trick or Treat!”


Back in 1999 we made a Halloween game that is still one of the most popular games on our site. Unfortunately it was built with Adobe Shockwave which doesn't work that great anymore, so we decided to make a new improved version in Unity. Not wanting to just port the original we started to play around with the controls to see if it was possible to build a platform game where you only had two buttons: jump left and jump right. After building a prototype we knew we were onto something, so over the next 3 weeks we fleshed it out into a full game. During the development we uploaded interim builds so players could get an insight into how we make games. In summary we are really pleased with the way the game came together. The two-button control scheme actually turned out better than we hoped for and the game has that nice balance of being simple to play, yet nuanced enough that a skilled player can rack up some impressive scores. The real keys were making the player maintain their vertical velocity when bouncing off an enemy combined with the bounce multiplier. The other key to a big score is to make sure you hit the mansion as high as possible with a good bounce multiplier to end the level.


  • Intuitive two-button controls: left jump and right jump
  • 20 Levels to unlock
  • Cute cartoon graphics
  • 3 streets to explore
  • 30+ hats to unlock
  • Global leaderboards and achievements





download all screenshots & photos as .zip (8MB)

download logo files as .zip (1MB)

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Halloweeen! Credits

Jamie Edis
Art, Music, Sound, Design, Ezone.com

Simon Edis
Coding, Design, Ezone.com

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