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June 13, 2017

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If you thought fidget spinners are nothing but stress-relieving toys or a passing fad, think again. Prepare yourself for a journey through the ages where you will unwind the mysteries of the humble fidget spinner. This is simply the best fidget spinner simulator available. These spinners are just like the real thing with eye-popping 3D visuals and lighting, real sounds sampled from actual fidget spinners, and accurate real-time physics. Touch and turn, swipe them, or rapid tap the center to reach maximum spin speed. Activate the Augmented Reality view to see the spinners come alive in your world. Tilt to adjust the view and line-up the perfect photo, or grab your headset and go into Virtual Reality to zoom in and examine your spinner from every angle. ‘Journey of Secrets’ is not just a simulator, it’s also an idle/clicker game. Each spinner within the game has a target number of spins: reach it to unlock the next. As you unlock each spinner more clues will be revealed to help you discover the true purpose of these intriguing devices. Do you have what it takes to discover all their secrets?


If you like idle/incremental/clicker games with amazing 3D graphics, accurate physics, and an overarching discoverable storyline, this is a must-have download. What will you discover when you unwind the Journey of Secrets? Aliens? A Higher Power? Conspiracy? Download today to find out...


  • Idle/incremental/clicker gameplay
  • Amazing 3D visuals and realistic lighting
  • Mysterious discoverable storyline
  • Accurate real-time physics
  • Tons of unique spinners to unlock
  • Earn spins even when you are away
  • Real sounds sampled from actual fidget spinners
  • AR mode: see your spinners in the real world
  • VR mode: zoom in and examine each fidget spinner from every angle
  • Screen Capture: share your spinners with the world
  • No Ads! (only optional ones if you want free coins)


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They're hitting every angle. This is a virtual fidget spinner. It's a mystery game. It's an augmented reality experience. It's a simulator. With buzzwords like this how can you not download it just to see what the hell is going on? comicbook.com.

GAMECRY.COM: Fidget Spinner: Journey Of Secrets, available on iOS and Android
Ezone.com is proud to announce the official release of their amazing Fidget Spinner: Journey Of Secrets, available today as a free download on iOS® and Android™ gamecry.com.

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Fidget Spinner: Journey of Secrets Credits

Jamie Edis
Art, Music, Sound, Design, Ezone.com

Simon Edis
Coding, Design, Ezone.com

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